Sunday, 31 August 2014

Matthew McConaughey could be set to take The Stand

With Warner Bros and The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone going full speed to develop a cinematic take on Stephen King's sprawling post-apocalyptic story The Stand, the studio's thoughts are clearly starting to turn to casting. Boone already has Nat Wolff (Stuck In Love) aboard, but for the main villain of the piece, Warners are currently trying to land Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club).

According to Deadline, it's very early days and no formal discussions have taken place, but the studio clearly wants McConaughey to play antichrist like figure Randal Flagg, who haunts the survivors of a man-made plague that collapses civilization. We can certainly see McConaughey's natural intensity working for the character, though with an Academy Award® under his belt, he has a lot more negotiating power these days and may simply decide it's simply not for him.

Also eager to score the actors attention is Stephen Gaghan (Syriana), who has a project called Gold in development. Written by Patrick Massett and John Zinman (The Blacklist), and drawn from the true account of a mining company scandal involving tonnes of the precious metal, Gaghan is trying to put the film together and scoring McConaughey to star would certainly help matters.

McConaughey is currently at work on Gus Van Sant's (Milk) Sea Of Trees and is also circling CIA agent drama The Company Man. He'll next be seen in Christopher Nolan's (The Dark Knight Rises) Interstellar, which arrives here on 7 November.

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