Monday, 28 July 2014

First trailer for Kevin Smith's Tusk arrives online

A24 Films have just released their first trailer for Kevin Smith's (Red State) Tusk.

It has become something of a tradition over the years for Clerks (1994) writer/director Kevin Smith to take over Comic Con's Hall H at the tail end of the Saturday programme for one of his rambling, funny and ever candid Q&A sessions. This year was no different, except that he also brought along the trailer for his new horror movie, Tusk.

Justin Long (Drag Me To Hell) stars as Wallace, a podcast host who spends his time travelling around the US and Canada finding interesting eccentric characters with a story to tell. Assisted by friend and producer Teddy (Haley Joel Osment), he's a seeker after the weird and wonderful.

So when he receives a letter from Howard Howe (Michael Parks) who promises a tale of seagoing adventure and reminiscences that include interactions with Ernest Hemingway, Wallace heads to the Great White North to interview the man. Unfortunately for our furry lipped chatterbox, Howard has an ulterior motive: he's looking for someone to turn into a living man/walrus creature. And the tea he serves Wallace is laced with knockout drugs. Soon, Teddy and Wallace's girlfriend Allison (Genesis Rodriguez) are frantically searching for him. But Howard has thought carefully about his crazy plan...

With Smith taking the idea from a strange advert he saw and talked up on his podcast, he's definitely embracing the idea of being a low-budget horror filmmaker. His next couple of films are planned as the other two parts of a loose Canadian trilogy. This one is certainly intriguing and unlike anything he's done before.

Tusk will arrive in the US on 19 September, while Sony Pictures has the film for the UK but is yet to reveal a release date.

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