Wednesday, 9 July 2014

First trailer and one sheet for Jimi: All Is By My Side arrives online

Content Media have just released their first trailer and one sheet for Academy Award® winning screenwriter John Ridley's (12 Years A Slave) Jimi: All Is by My Side.

There are a number of films covering different periods in the life of guitar slinger Jimi Hendrix in development. After premiering at last years Toronto Film Festival, Jimi: All Is By My Side is the first to actually take aim at cinemas.

With what looks to be a pretty convincing performance by André Benjamin (better known as André 3000 of OutKast), the film looks at Hendrix before he became a rock legend. Spotted by Linda Keith (Imogen Poots) at a New York club, Hendrix is convinced to make the transition from sideman to master of his own destiny. His new manager, Chas Chandler (Andrew Buckley), suggests a move to London, and it is there that Hendrix comes into his own.

The film looks unflinchingly at Hendrix's tempestuous, and sometimes violent, relationship with his girlfriend Kathy (Hayley Atwell), and his encounters with established stars like The Beatles and Eric Clapton.

Interestingly the film lacks any of his famous music, which seems odd for a film about a man who had such an impact on the art. But without the expensive, closely held rights to his work, Ridley has focused on the pre-fame era of the great and deeply troubled artist.

All Is By My Side also features Burn Gorman (The Dark Knight Rises), Ruth Negga (World War Z) and Ashley Charles (The White Queen). The film is set to hit the US on 26 September with an unofficial release date of 8 August in the UK.

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