Sunday, 27 July 2014

First look at Duncan Jones’ World Of Warcraft

As this year's San Diego Comic Con gets underway, one of the more hotly anticipated titles is Duncan Jones' (Source Code) cinematic take on the sprawling online multiplayer game World Of Warcraft. Legendary Pictures has a booth set up on the convention floor with the new title displayed as revealed on Twitter.

Also on display is the horde's deadly Doomhammer and the Alliance's mighty Lion Shield.

Jones himself was on hand to introduce the presentation, telling fans a little bit about the context for the film. "There is an awful lot to draw on from Warcraft," he said. "In this case I think it really merits an origin story. We want to show how the world of Azeroth falls into conflict between orcs and humans."

The film only recently wrapped shooting and is headed into a long post-production process, meaning much of the exact plot remains a mystery, though we do now know that Ben Foster (Lone Survivor) is playing a magic-user named Medivh who must return to help his fellow humans when orc hordes invade. We're promised a balanced look at both sides of the conflict, but with so many possibilities from the massive game, it could explore any aspect.

Whether it's close enough to what fans are expecting to allay the fears of the game's nine million-plus subscribers is remains to be seen.

"We were trying to do the set-building and world-building that was done on Lord Of The Rings but also the technology of Avatar," explained Jones. "It was like making both films at once."

With Paula Patton (Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol), Toby Kebbell (War Horse), Travis Fimmel (Vikings), Dominic Cooper (The Devil's Double), Clancy Brown (Cowboys & Aliens) and Callum Keith Rennie (The Butterfly Effect) also in the cast, Warcraft will be out on 11 March 2016.

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