Sunday, 25 May 2014

Ridley Scott set to direct Martian

Like its protagonist, science fiction thriller The Martian seemed adrift last month, still in possession of it's lead star (Matt Damon), but detached from anyone to direct it after Drew Goddard (The Cabin In The Woods) cut the cord to work on Amazing Spider-Man spin-off Sinister Six and Netflix's Daredevil series. Now comes news via The Hollywood Reporter that the Mars set film has found a replacement – and someone with experience in unearthly movies – with Ridley Scott in talks to direct.

Taken from Andy Weir's e-book, the film version of the story has been described as a hybrid of Apollo 13 (1995) and Cast Away (2000), with an American space explorer trapped on the Red Planet and forced to find a way to get back to Earth before his supplies run out as NASA struggles to mount a rescue. While it certainly has thematic overtones that may put you in mind of more recent orbital hit Gravity (2013), The Martian is said to be a very different take on space suit survival. And Goddard's influence won't be completely absent: he wrote at least the current draft of the script, which may now be tinkered with if Scott brings in someone else.

Scott, who last ventured beyond our atmosphere for Prometheus (2012), is back on Earth and back in time for his latest, Exodus: Gods And Kings, which casts Christian Bale (The Dark Knight Rises) as Moses and is set for a 26 December release.

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