Saturday, 31 May 2014

First trailer and one sheet for The Gracefield Incident crash lands online

A new name to watch out for in the world of independent horror, one man band Matthieu Ratthe, has just unveiled the first trailer and one sheet for his found footage debut feature The Gracefield Incident.

Ratthe drummed up the financing, wrote, produced and directed the film, from a studio he built in his parents' basement. Budding indie filmmakers should take heart. These things are possible. "If you want something, you can't wait for someone to make it happen for you," Ratthe says.

The titular incident involves a meteorite strike/UFO crash leading to some creepy shenanigans in the neighbouring woods. Ratthe also stars, in that his is the mostly off-screen character doing the filming. The perennial found footage problem of characters shooting in unlikely circumstances is navigated through the use of a nifty eyeball camera.

Resources were obviously limited, but Ratthe looks to have achieved effective results from his small scale operation. Executive producers – and presumably financiers – include Bryan Turner (founder of Priority Records), Pat Brisson (head of Creative Artists Agency's hockey division) and Sergei Fedorov (ex-National Hockey League player).

Ratthe took the route of getting The Gracefield Incident actually made before "finding it a home" for distribution, so there are no release details as yet. Expect some showings on the festival circuit pending any sort of wider release. While the website isn't up yet, you can follow the film's progress via Ratthe's Twitter page.

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