Monday, 26 May 2014

First one sheet for Hyena arrives online

Film4 have just released their first one sheet for Gerard Johnson's (Tony) Hyena.

The story sees corrupt copper and high-functioning addict Michael Logan (Peter Ferdinando) pushed to the limit by the arrival of increasingly ruthless gangs of Albanian gangsters. We're told that, "Michael's razor sharp instincts have always kept him one step ahead, but now his increasingly self-destructive behaviour and the sheer brutality of the new gang lords find Michael in a spiralling descent of fear and self-doubt." Sounds dangerous.

The film also stars Kill List's (2011) Neil Maskell and MyAnna Buring, as well as Stephen Graham (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and Richard Dormer (Good Vibrations). The film also marks Johnson's return to the Edinburgh International Film Festival after his debut, Tony, did well there in 2009.

You can see Hyena at the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 18 June, or in UK cinemas in October, courtesy of Metrodome.

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