Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Beverly Hills Cop set to return in 2016

Despite appearing to kick back in cinematic retirement since Beverly Hills Cop III (1994), Axel Foley has occasionally flirted with the idea of coming back on duty. Paramount Pictures in particular has tried to bring Eddie Murphy's wisecracking cop to our screens on several occasions. Last December, news arrived that Jerry Bruckheimer (The Lone Ranger) had struck a deal with the studio following his split from Walt Disney Pictures, and a key focus would be on bringing Beverly Hills Cop back to our screens. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the studio has also set a 25 March 2016 date for his return.

Brett Ratner (Rush Hour), who has been spearheading a new film for Murphy's character for years, is still attached to direct, with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011) writers Andre Nemec and Josh Applebaum aboard to script more witticisms and get Axel into trouble. Bruckheimer, who had an early hit with the character when he worked with Don Simpson, is naturally invested in making sure Foley returns successfully and has been overseeing the script.

Axel, of course, nearly hit smaller screens last year when The Shield's Shawn Ryan crafted a pilot for a TV version of the series, featuring Brandon T. Jackson (Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters) as Foley's cop son and Murphy aboard to guest-star as the older Axel, but the CBS network declined to pick it up.

Axel's natural home is clearly the big screen, and though this will serve as a sort of reboot for the series, the presence of Murphy certainly gives us reason to be hopeful.

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