Monday, 21 April 2014

New red band trailer for Walk Of Shame arrives online

Focus Features have just released their red band trailer for Steven Brill's (Drillbit Taylor) Walk Of Shame.

The film see Elizabeth Banks (The Hunger Games) play Meghan Miles, an aspiring Los Angeles TV news anchor who loses the audition for her dream job. Crushed, the usually sedate, professional woman agrees to go out with her friends for an uncharacteristic night of partying. After an unsatisfying time at a club, she drunkenly meets and goes home with a stranger (James Marsden) and awakens the next morning in his bed to a phone message from her agent telling her the job is hers, if she can make it across town by 17:00.

Stranded in an unknown area with no purse, no working phone, and no car, she embarks on a series of misadventures as she races to the most important job interview of her life. Can she make it in time while constantly being mistaken for a prostitute? And will she still get the gig when her potential new boss sees her splashed across the TV news headlines during her crazed dash?

It's a quest film with just a dash of bad behaviour, then, and we have confidence in Banks' abilities. With Gillian Jacobs (The Box), Sarah Wright (21 & Over), Kevin Nealon (Just Go With It), Ethan Suplee (The Wolf Of Wall Street), Bill Burr (Date Night) and Willie Garson (Sex In The City) in the cast, Walk Of Shame lands in US cinemas on 2 May, but with no confirmed UK release date just yet.

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