Saturday, 19 April 2014

New Godzilla trailer and one sheets arrive online

Warner Bros and Legendary Pictures have just released their latest extended trailer and two new one sheets for Gareth Edwards' (Monsters) Godzilla.

This expanded version of the promo, which had audiences applauding at CinemaCon last month, ramps up the emotional beats while also allowing for a few more shots of the big guy doing his destructive thing.

Once again we kick off in flashback, with physicist Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) facing a horrific situation that impacts his family. The authorities attempt to spin it as a natural disaster, but Brody suspects the truth and is trying to warn the world before we all get sent – in his words – "back to the stone age".

Of course, few people listen and then the roaring, the stomping, the screaming and the running start. We'll also meet Joe's son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), his wife (Elizabeth Olsen) and their son (Carson Bolde), plus a variety of other characters impacted by the colossal beast including Ken Watanabe's scientist and Davis Strathairn's (Lincoln) military leader.

With Juliette Binoche (Cosmopolis), Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine), Victor Rasuk (Jobs) and Akira Takarada (star of the original 1954 classic) among the cast, Godzilla will menace our cinemas on 16 May.

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