Thursday, 24 April 2014

First trailer for If I Stay arrives online

Warner Bros have just released their first trailer for Nashville producer R.J. Cutler's first feature, If I Stay.

Over the last few years audiences have become more accustomed to teen novel adaptations featuring dystopian futures or romances with supernatural creatures, but now it would seem the tearjerkers are coming back in force with the grounded likes of The Fault In Our Stars. If I Stay, however, treads both a fantastical and a romantic line.

Adapted from Gayle Forman's 2009 bestseller, the film stars Chloe Moretz (Let Me In) as Mia Hall, a young music prodigy who is experiencing her first taste of love with rocker Adam (Jamie Blackley). Wavering between her Juilliard ambitions and her blossoming personal life, Mia is cast into an even more difficult situation when a devastating car crash kills her parents (Mireille Enos and Joshua Leonard) and leaves her in a coma.

Caught between life and death in a limbo state, Mia must choose between fighting to live in a world where she'll face certain tragedy or passing on to a presumably peaceful death.

The film itself has survived a period in limbo. Originally set up back in 2009 with Dakota Fanning (The Runaways) attached, it was moved to MGM after a period in turnaround and is now finally ready to hit the screen.

With a script by Shauna Cross (Whip It), If I Stay also features Lauren Lee Smith (Lie With Me), Jakob Davies (This Means War) and Liana Liberato (Stuck In Love) and will arrive in the US on 22 August. There are no details on a UK release as yet.

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