Sunday, 27 April 2014

First trailer for As Above, So Below arrives online

Universal Pictures have just released their first trailer for John Erick Dowdle's (Quarantine) As Above, So Below.

People travel to Paris for all sorts of reasons. It's the City of Lights. A bastion of romance. A haven for art lovers. A focal point for culinary fans. But thanks to As Above, So Below, we also know there are those who just want to venture below, to the vast catacombs. What they find there is... well, you'll have to wait and see.

Adding to the scare factor is the fact that this comes from the Quarantine (2008) and Devil (2010) sibling duo of Drew and John Erick Dowdle, brothers not so far known for happy stories where everything goes right.

The film stars Perdita Weeks (The Invisible Woman), Ben Feldman (Clovefield) and Edwin Hodge (The Purge) as a team of urban archaeologists who head 370 feet beneath the streets of Paris to the uncharted maze of bones below. Once inside, a cave-in seals off their exit, and they're soon forced to explore deeper than anyone has before, learning the true, terrifying secret that this city of the dead was meant to contain.

One of the first collaborations between Universal and Legendary under the companies' new deal, As Above, So Below will be out in the UK on 15 August.

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