Sunday, 27 April 2014

First one sheet for The Equalizer arrives online

Columbia Pictures have just released their first one sheet for Antoine Fuqua's (Olympus Has Fallen) version of classic 1980s show, The Equalizer.

This updated peek into the world finds Denzel Washington (Flight) as a slightly different take on Robert McCall, the retired intelligence officer played on the small screen by Edward Woodward, who decides to atone for his past sins by helping the hopeless.

Working quietly at a Home Depot, McCall finds himself drawn into the life of a crusading vigilante when he helps out a young prostitute (Chloe Moretz). His actions draw the attention of the Russian mafia, and in particular a brutal fixer played by Marton Csokas.

While McCall could always take care of himself on TV, Washington's version is the sort of man who can walk into a room full of armed mobster henchmen and take them all out in approximately 28 seconds, all the while chiding himself for not keeping to his personal best. Sony is apparently so enthused by the jubilant test screening reactions to the film that it already has a sequel script under way.

The Equalizer arrives in cinemas on 10 October.

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