Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Pixar developing The Incredibles 2

If there is one Pixar movie audiences have truly demanded a sequel to, it is Brad Bird's fantastic superhero family outing The Incredibles (2004). Good news then if you count yourself among that number, because Walt Disney Pictures boss Robert Iger has announced that the Emeryville based Pixar gang is officially developing a new film, with Bird writing the script.

Announced by Iger at a recent shareholders meeting, The Incredibles 2 will be hitting our screens, though we don't yet know when. Bird is also busy working on his second live action film Tomorrowland (starring George Clooney) which is currently in post-production. Tomorrowland arrives in May next year, after which Bird will hopefully turn his attention full time to working on the new Incredibles outing.

In related news, the company is also starting the early construction work on a third Cars film. Despite a far less friendly critical reaction to both the 2006 original and the 2011 sequel, there's no arguing with the impact the movies have had on the bottom line for both Disney and Pixar. The Cars franchise has not only spawned millions in merchandising, but has also launched spin-off film series Planes (2013) and is a central part of Disney's California Adventure theme park.

In the meantime we will have to wait for any further news about The Incredibles 2. As always, watch this space.

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