Friday, 28 February 2014

Have 20th Century Fox found their Fantastic Four?

With the clock ticking and director Josh Trank (Chronicle) set to start filming the new Fantastic Four reboot this summer, Variety are reporting that Miles Teller (Project X), Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station), Kate Mara (127 Hours) and Jamie Bell (The Adventure Of Tintin) have made the cut as the fresh faces of the superhero team.

20th Century Fox have been trying to get the updated version of the Marvel heroes moving for a while now, auditioning and testing a variety of actors to play stretchy genius Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, science whizz and see-through heroine Sue Storm/Invisible Girl, hot tempered (and highly flammable) Johnny Storm/The Human Torch and rocky stalwart Ben Grimm/The Thing.

Jordan in particular has reportedly been in the mix as Johnny Storm for some time, partly thanks to his prior working relationship with Trank on Chronicle and partly because Fox has an option on him as part of his contract from that film. Miles Teller (Richards) and Kate Mara (Sue Storm), meanwhile, have been front runners for a while, though there is apparently some question over Teller's availability: he's already committed to Divergent sequel Insurgent and there are other projects jockeying for his time, so a final deal there may have to first take his schedule into account.

Jamie Bell, meanwhile, is a new name in the mix, though The Wrap attributes that to the fact that the process to find someone to play Ben Grimm has been an arduous one. Bell brings both gravitas and experience with performance capture technology, which will almost certainly be used for bringing the character to life, last played by Michael Chiklis under stifling layers of latex. Bell may be a little smaller than the average Thing, but with performance capture this should be something of a non-issue.

For now though, all four casting choices should be considered rumour, as neither 20th Century Fox nor Trank have made any official announcement. That said, given the sudden flurry of reports, expect that situation to change soon, even if we have to endure another round of denials before the final names emerge. From the sounds of it, though, we may finally have our Four.

The Fantastic Four is scheduled to arrive on 18 June 2015.

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