Sunday, 23 February 2014

First trailer for Paddy Considine's Honour arrives online

Entertainment One have just released their first trailer for Shan Khan's Honour.

Exploring the murky concept of 'honour' killings, Honour showcases a side of Paddy Considine's arsenal we haven't seen since Dead Man's Shoes (2004). Here he plays an unnamed bounty hunter tasked with a terrible brief.

Scottish actor turned director Shan Khan penned this story of a young Muslim woman (Aiysha Hart) whose plan to elope with her boyfriend Tanvir (Nikesh Patel) proves unpalatable to her family. So unpalatable, in fact, that they decide to have her killed.

When the hit goes awry, Mona flees and it's Considine's bounty hunter who finds himself charged with tracking her down somewhere in the big city. Expect moral dilemmas aplenty as he finds himself immersed in a situation far beyond his ken.

Honour lands in UK cinemas on 4 April before scoring a DVD release three weeks later.

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