Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Neil Marshall developing Troll Hunter remake

Neil Marshall (Centurion) is a director known for having several potential film projects on the go, but has also recently been earning praise for his small screen work, including the acclaimed Blackwater episode of Game Of Thrones. Currently busy shooting another episode of Thrones and the pilot episode for Michael Bay's new pirate drama Black Sails, he's now scored a new film gig, taking the director's chair for the Troll Hunter remake.

Some of you may recall Andre Ovredal's 2011 film, which found a group of students investigating a mysterious series of animal killings in the deep Norwegian woods. They discover that some distinctly fantastical creatures are responsible, and that their only hope for survival is a grizzled loner whose life revolves around tracking and killing the trolls.

Marshall will be reworking the screenplay, originally crafted by Marc Haimes, and the producers are apparently keen to find a leading man who doesn't normally dabble in horror thrillers. Neil's name in the genre should certainly help with their search. With a reported $25 million to play with, filming is set to start early next year.

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