Sunday, 20 October 2013

First trailer arrives online for I, Frankenstein

The first trailer has arrived online for I, Frankenstein, in which Aaron Eckhart (Battle Los Angeles) stars as the reimagined creation of Dr Frankenstein.

Hollywood never seems to tire of taking Mary Shelley's Gothic tale and adapting it for contemporary audiences. Through a filter of social commentary and medical advances, redressed and reinvented, Frankenstein's creature has been pushed, blinking, out into the projector's unforgiving glare for almost 100 years.

With several versions of the story making their way to the big screen, each has to find its own way to stand out. So then to I, Frankenstein that channels the story through the neon blue filter of Len Wiseman's Underworld series.

Stuart Beattie adapts and directs this tale of Adam (Aaron Eckhart), Frankenstein's creation, who has achieved immortality and is now the focus for a war between powerful supernatural creatures. The evil side (led by Bill Nighy) wants to harness his abilities to create an army to destroy the human race. Whereas Miranda Otto's forces are trying to save us – but at what cost to Adam?

Caught in the middle is Terra (Yvonne Stahovski), a scientist who helps Adam and, as seems standard in this kind of fare, might just have feelings for him. It's tough to judge from the trailer, but so far I, Frankenstein offers a hint of generic good versus evil mayhem with CG creatures aplenty.

Can this rise above the predictable genre levels of late? We'll find out on 24 January.

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