Monday, 21 January 2013

"You have taken your first step into a larger world."

- Scene from Cinema Paradiso (1988)

I could start by writing about how film has affected me and how it is has influenced not just my career, but who I am. About going to the cinema as a 10 year old to watch Return Of The Jedi, and how I spent the following weeks drawing and cutting out all the incredible characters. Not to mention acting out light sabre duels with cardboard tubing and a surprisingly enthusiastic sister as my opponent. Or how as a schoolboy I wore my Parka jacket around my neck convinced it could make me fly like Superman. I could also go on about how I got my first 'Making Of' book for Tim Burtons Batman, poring over the pages of production drawings and 'behind the scenes' photography, showcasing special effects expertly crafted and built by hand. I could talk about how I felt at the sad news of Brandon Lee's (son of legendary martial artist Bruce Lee) death during the making of The Crow. The sense of awe as I watched a Brachiosaur lumber across the screen in Jurassic Park, as if a wildlife camera crew had captured the event for real. Or my bitter disappointment at The Phantom Menace and how some 13 years later Disney has bought the rights to Star Wars for $4.05bn. A new hope? Or a fools hope.

The fact is film is for everyone. All of you reading this right now has at some stage been influenced by a cinematic experience. Film, like music, has a way of connecting memories to create an autobiography of our lives like no other art form. An ever evolving multi media experience designed to ensnare our senses, engineer our emotions and take us to places beyond our imaginations.

Escapism without ever leaving the comfort of a chair.

Today cinema multiplexes are cathedrals of consumerism, seemingly reinventing themselves regularly with new ways to experience film. IMAX and 3D screens are commonplace and TVs are now more engineered than ever to bring cinema into our homes. But try to remember for a minute, what it was like the first time you went to the cinema? Or imagine how it must have felt sat in front row, as the Lumière brothers revealed their magic box of light in 1895.

So here for anyone who has ever laughed, cried, screamed, watched in awe or hid in terror is a film blog just for you.

Hope you enjoy.

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